July 14, 2008

Coming Soon: Hybrids, Diesels, and GLK

The following vehicles are expected to hit our lot soon. Click the links to see what the automotive press has to say. These are just preliminary estimates, so don't beat me up if they show up even sooner, OK? ;)

August 2008 - Facelifted 2009 ML
October 2008 - BlueTEC SUV's with 50-State emissions
January 2009 - 2010 GLK arrives in the 300 and 350 gasoline V-6's
January 2009 - SL65 Black - Only 200 for the US! 600 hp and 722 lb/ft torque
June 2009 - All new CLK Coupe
June 2009 - Facelifted GL
August 2009 - All new 2010 E-Class
Mid 2009 - ML450 Gas/Electric Hybrid
Mid 2009 - S400 Gas/Electric Hybrid
Late 2009 - Facelifted S-Class
Late 2009 - G550
Mid 2010 - All new CLK Cabriolet
2010 - E320 Bluetec in new body style
2010 - C-Class diesel
2010 - GLK diesel (rumors of a diesel hybrid)
2011 - S-Class diesel

If you're interested in one of these vehicles, and plan to purchase from Mercedes-Benz of Chandler, just let me know and I will notify you as more information becomes available.

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Fathoni Aziz said...

Hello mate, u must see the New Mercedes-Benz GLK 2015 there is many new luxuries feature

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