About Me

Thanks for stopping by! In case you don't already know me, I'm a salesman with Mercedes-Benz of Chandler in the great state of Arizona. Originally from, "Track Town," Eugene, OR, I came to Tempe in 1995 to get a business degree from ASU. Quicky immersing myself into the Southwest, I met my wife while travelling in Mexico. After college, I became the world's first Irish Spanish-speaking geographer with a business degree. After working for seven years in Aerial Photography and Geographic Information Systems, I took the leap into the automotive industry. Mom thought that made sense since my first word was, "wheel." Man, am I gald I did! I used to have a job in a cubicle, now I have four or five good conversations a day, one or two of which result in a sale and a new friend. I would like to use this blog to keep in touch with my customers, and ask that you please subscribe (for the latest info) and pass the blog on to others as well. As always, I pay a tidy referral fee to anyone who sends me a new customer.